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The Flowering Trees at Skaneateles, NY

Skaneateles was beautifully decorated for spring with numerous flowering Bradford Pear trees along Main Street and in front of the Sherwood Inn. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and there were lots of visitors who were just walking about enjoying the sight of Skaneateles Lake at Clift Park.

The local Corvette Club was showing off their cars on the west lawn of the Sherwood Inn, no doubt talking about their cars or their plans for future travels.

Skaneateles Lake stood shinning in the warm spring sun. The waters of Skaneateles Lake are crystal clear and when you walk out to the end of the dock, you can see right to the bottom of the lake. Very few boats were out on the lake as the air temperature was a bit cool for boating.

One of the reasons that I enjoy Skaneateles so much is Clift Park along the Lake. The park and the activities which take place there take you back to a time when people were not so hurried and they just enjoyed a peaceful walk in the park on Sunday afternoon or to sit quietly on a park bench while taking in all of the sights along the lake.

This coming Sunday will be Mother’s Day and I am sure that there will be many more visitors coming into the area. Mother’s Day or not, Skaneateles is our favorite place to visit and to reminisce about days gone by.

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