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Spring Comes to Naples Valley

Spring in the fields and forests of Upstate New York begins with the yellow flowers of the forsythia bush and as I drove down to Naples, NY, I spotted a whole planting of forsythia bushes along route 21 at Monica’s Pies. The forsythia bush is one of the earliest flowering bushes of spring, and its yellow flowers gives us a visual signal of what is to come with all of the trees and bushes this time of the year.

The grape vines in Italy Valley are still very much dormant but you can see some of the trees in the distance along Naples Creek starting to green up. The hardwoods of Italy Hill are still very much dormant at this time of the year. It’s nice to see the vineyards around Naples being tended to since Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars (click here) bought out the property owned by Constellation Brands. Growing grapes in Naples Valley has been a long time tradition dating back to the mid 1800’s and one that sets this little village apart from other small rural towns in the area.

The tasting room at Hazlitt’s is now open but I didn’t stop. I do not know if they are open for tours yet or not. Today my destination was Joseph’s market at the other end of Main Street in Naples. I wanted to buy some comb honey for the men’s breakfast at the Chapin Church this past Saturday. But, I came too soon as Joseph’s doesn’t open until April 26. The workers were busy getting the store ready for opening but I came just one week too soon!

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