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Do Boathouses Float?

I can imagine that there are more than one anxious boathouse owner in Canandaigua wondering how high the level of Canandaigua Lake will rise after two days and three nights of rain! The water is lapping at the bottom of the boathouses but I suspect that all is still well as the boats are suspended on hoists inside these wooden structures.

It wasn’t that long ago that the line of rocks along City Pier which defines the path that the water takes as it flows out of the western outlet of Canandaigua Lake rose out of the water perhaps by one or two feet. But today a pair of seagulls finds only a single rock sticking out of the water to stand on as they watch the water flow by.

The wooden pier behind Steamboat Landing is close to becoming submerged and the action of the southern winds and the waves stirs up a lot of muddy water along the shoreline. The muddy water turns the corner and then flows out underneath Lakeshore Drive. The icy cold water is separated by a well defined line between the blue and brown colors as makes its way to the north.

Further up Canandaigua outlet just behind the United States Post office, there is flooding near the back of the Canandaigua Credit Union and the water is nearing the bottom of the building. Let’s hope that they don’t store any large bills down in that basement!

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