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The Hills Still Slumber in the Finger Lakes

We returned from our Florida vacation only to find that the temperatures were colder than when we left at the end of February! The schools in the Finger Lakes will be restarting from spring break next week and many families are on their way back from Florida. Boy, are they in for a shock! We were actually worried that we had missed our Easter flowers.

I wondered around Canandaigua Lake today only to discover that the hills are still very much asleep. The snow may be all melted but only a few folks have ventured outdoors. I did run across a couple who were fishing in the West River in the town of Italy on a spot which according to a marker was the legendary site of the first Seneca Indian Village. They looked cold as they patiently waited for a trout to bite.

Over on the other side of South Hill at Woodville, nothing was stirring. South Hill looked dead and seemed to be waiting on the sun and some higher temperatures to waken it out of its deep winter slumber.

The cottages along Canandaigua Lake at Woodville were also waiting on warmer temperatures before their owners will return. In the meantime, there are plenty of sticks and leaves to pick up from the winter’s storms before it’s time to get out the lawn chairs and the lawn mower.

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