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The Charm of Lake Ariana in Florida

Soon we will be saying goodbye to the Florida sun and returning to our home in the Finger Lakes. It’s been a great vacation but now our hearts keep drifting back to the Finger Lakes and we wonder if our Easter flowers are all past or if they have waited on our returning home before putting on their annual spring show. We sure hope that they have waited!

We took a drive around Lake Ariana in Auburndale on Saturday. The sun was shinning brightly and since it was Saturday, quite a few fishermen were using the lake. The parking lot at the public boat launch was full of empty trailers and tow trucks.

Down along the shore, a lone bird is looking for its breakfast. The houses are separated from the lake by a road which runs all the way around the lake. The land between the road and the actual lake frontage can be individually owned but one can not build homes on the land – only perhaps a boat dock or screened in boat dock can be seen standing in the lake.

The drive on Lake Ariana Boulevard is beautiful in the morning sun. The live oak trees form a canopy of cover over the road and shield it from the direct sunlight. It’s a sight not seen in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Most of the owners leave the lake frontage in its natural state.

On the Eastside of Lake Ariena, I spotted a Hawaiian beach party house along the Lake. I can just imagine all of the fun along the water with a campfire and some soft music playing in the background. One thing is certain; you don’t have to bring in your lawn chairs for the winter!

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