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Spring in Auburndale, Florida

Spring is here in Auburndale. No waiting for the appearance of the forsythias and then the first blooming flowers of the crocus like you have to do when you live up north in Canandiagua, NY. No, all we have to do is poke our heads out of the door and enjoy the bushes which are blooming right here in Auburndale.

It’s Monday and the Main Street in Auburndale is deserted since the schools are out for Easter recess. But one can still enjoy the palm trees, the shops, and the bright warm sun.

Near Lake Ariana, we stop to take a few pictures of a flowering bush whose colors which are so vivid that they almost blind the camera’s eye!

There is a light breeze blowing across Lake Ariana. It’s too cool for humans to use the Lake, but the scene reminds me of our Finger Lakes in upstate New York. The grasses sway back and forth in the breeze, inviting you to come closer to the water.

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