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Fresh Vegetables and Citrus in Auburndale, Fl.

My wife Jeanette is a dyed in wool fan of Wegmans Markets in Rochester, NY but you should have seen the smile on her face when we went to Market World and Flea Market here in Auburndale, Fl. It’s just down the road from where we are staying. There is just nothing like it in update New York – particularly the fresh strawberries at this time of the year and the bags of fresh citrus.

It’s hard to describe the rows upon rows of produce vendors at Market World each specializing in a little different type of fresh fruit or vegetables. But for us Upstate New York folks, the fresh mangos and the strawberries caught our eye and our pocket book!

There were bananas to buy for breakfast, some fresh mangos, and a honey dew melon. And at Susan’s produce stand, there were tomatoes as big as a softball, red and green peppers, and huge sweet onions for our salads. And did I mention the flat of fresh strawberries? My arms ached from carrying all of the bags of fruit back to the car. Jeanette can’t wait to go back next weekend as Phyllis told her about strawberry onions! That combination doesn’t particularly excite me but I’m sure that I will come home with a bag full of them this weekend!

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