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Watching People and Animals in Florida

The Spring Bayou in Tarpons Springs offers a beautiful place to take walks, or to watch other people taking a walk around the bayou, or to watch the birds and fish which live in and near the bayou. You can tell when there are manatees in the bayou since there will be a crowd of people trying to get a glimpse of these per-historic animals which are related to the elephant.

We have never seen so many manatees in the Spring Bayou as this year. As they migrate northward along the coast of Florida, they stop along the rivers and bayous in Florida to warm up and to graze on the bottom grasses. The temperatures in Florida this past week have been on the cold side, and that has forced many into the Spring Bayou to warm up in the spring fed waters. One year, many manatees perished because the waters in the Gulf were too cold for them. Their biggest enemy is man with has power boats and most manatees bear the scars of a motorboat’s propellers on their backs.

The Spring Bayou at Tarpon Springs offers many birds their lunch. The pelicans wait on the piles, watching for a fish that has swum too close to the surface. Across the road, a lone egret walks among  the bushes, perhaps looking for a handout from one of the visitors.

Many of the old homes that are around the Spring Bayou were built in the late 1800’s. One home in particular which overlooks the bayou has been lovingly restored and is for sale. It’s enough to keep you dreaming about Tarpon Springs for another year of nights!

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