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Greek Beer at Dimicris

Sorry, but we just couldn’t wait for spring to come in the Finger Lakes!  And the first stop that was on our agenda was to stop at Dimicris, a Greek restaurant along the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Our flight was an hour late out of Rochester and the van which took us over to Tarpon Springs seemed to take us on a tour of St. Petersburg and the surrounding communities before finally heading to Tarpon Springs. We had missed our lunch and by early evening, we were really hungry. The sponge diving expedition boat was just pulling out onto the Anclote River when we sat down for our 4:00 pm lunch. This year our favorite Greek restaurant on the Sponge Docks did have Greek beer on their menu which made the whole day of travel seem worthwhile.

The next morning we headed to the Spring Bayou in Tarpons Springs. This lovely park is well maintained by the City of Tarpon Springs and has a wide cement walkway all around the Bayou. It’s our favorite place to take a walk, look at the moss covered live oaks trees, the green grass, and perhaps catch a glance of the manatees which visit the Spring Bayou to feed and rest as they migrate northward.

There was a group of kayakers who had paddled out into the Bayou to take a better look at one of the manatees, but on this day they were out in the middle and not very visible from the shore. Since they feed on the bottom, there is not much to photograph from a human’s viewpoint as they only raise to the surface for a breath of air and then submerge again.

Jeanette enjoyed a bit of a rest near some pansies which were growing at the entrance of the Spring Bayou. One day it was 34 degrees with grey skies and the next day, we saw blue skies , 73 degree temperatures, and the sun!

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