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A Winter Wonderland in the Finger Lakes

Storm Nemo brought a lot of misery and suffering last Friday and Saturday to the folks who live along the Atlantic Seaboard, but for those of us who live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate, New York, it was just another passing winter storm which brought us about 4 inches of new snow. The storm began with rain that turned to a very light fluffy snow. The conditions were just right as the newly fallen snow piled high on top of the branches of the trees turning our Finger Lakes landscape into a winter wonderland.

The water from Canandaigua Lake was cascading through the rapids at Littleville, NY, a hamlet which used to be the site of an old grist mill and a store. The grist mill and the store are long gone and neither show on today’s maps. Littleville was located just a short distance from Shortsville, NY and resides very close to the Finger Lakes Railroad which still operates in the area. Just before passing over the falls, part of the water is diverted through the old mil race and then rejoins the main stream. There is a home located very near to the falls and I wonder what it would be like to live there and if one can feel the power of the water flowing over the dam. The village of Shortsville sponsors a white water rafting contest every spring at this location but today, you wouldn’t last very long in the icy water.

Downstream, the scene is much more peaceful. I parked the truck and walked back through the woods to the outlet. The tree branches were piled high with the newly fallen fluffy snow. There was a quiet stillness in the air as I walked along the path. Just before I reached the outlet, I startled a pair of ducks who were swimming in calm water along the bank. But beyond the calming flow of water, there was just quiet and peace.

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