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Preparing for Summer in the Middle of Winter

Deep Run Park which is maintained by Ontario County was the scene of a lot of action this past Thursday. Over the years, the rains and snow runoff has filled in the area where Deep Run Creek empties into Canandaigua Lake. The continuing action of the water has formed a small land delta in the Lake.

The eroded debris from Deep Run Creek forces the water to run along the beach area. Deep Run Park does see a lot of usage by humans during the summer and the beach area was rapidly disappearing. In the winter time, the Canadian geese and the ducks take over the park and use it as a rest stop on their migration journey.

But last Thursday, trucks from Ontario County and a huge track hoe from the Fields Construction Company worked all day to clear out the eroded stone and soil. Jeremy Fields of the Fields Construction kept three or four large dump trucks on the move all day long.

The local geese which use the park in the winter moved down a little bit to the southern side of the park, almost oblivious to all of the equipment and action that was happening on the north end of the park.

By the end of the day, the work was completed. The park won’t be open till Memorial Day, but in the middle of winter, the temperatures were just right so that the debris was not too frozen and the ground in the park was frozen just enough so that the trucks wouldn’t sink into the ground. I’d say it was a win-win situation for man and birds!

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