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The Things That Matter Will Endure

The bitter winter winds that hit last Sunday morning have kept us inside for most of the week except for going to church on Sunday and a couple of necessary visits to the store. But by mid-week, we were ready to get out of the house and even though the temperature was 2 degrees on Wednesday morning, we headed to Skaneateles, NY and the Sherwood Inn (click here) for lunch.

We got hooked on Skaneateles, NY about 20 years ago while we were living in the Southern Tier of New York State. Our friends Bob and Peg introduced us to Skaneateles, NY and now it has become a part of us. We go there to reminisce about the old days or to meet new friends or to just escape from the four walls of our house. There is a charm about the Tavern at the Sherwood Inn (established in 1807) which doesn’t have anything to do with time. It’s just the opposite as the Tavern is a place to lose yourself in time, to rest a bit, and to have some food and drink.

We see others doing just the same; perhaps celebrating a birthday of a family member, daydreaming about next year’s vacation, or working on a business deal. The Tavern at the Sherwood Inn has a way of releasing you from the bondage of time.

Once outside, it’s back to reality as Skaneateles, NY is in the grips of winter and Clift Park is deserted. No people, no birds, nothing to be seen. The memories of last years Dickens Christmas in the park or the antique wood boat show along the Pier seem very distant in the bitter cold. The scene along Clift Park will change, but the things that matter will endure.

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