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The Calm After The Storm

We were awakened at 4:00 am on Sunday morning to the sound of some very strong winds beating on the house. But we are used to storms which come across Canandaigua Lake from the west and quite frequently rattle the siding on the house. But this wind just wouldn’t give up and it kept up its intensity most of Sunday. After the sun came up on Sunday morning we noticed some shingles along the sidewalk in front of the house.

I took a picture of our damaged roof the next day. The wind had wiggled its way under the shingles and they started flapping in the breeze like the wings of a Canadian goose at take-off! There are a lot more shingles on that section of the roof which will have to be replaced as they have been loosened and damaged by the wind. Several of the homes nearby suffered a similar fate. My neighbor has one of those home weather stations and he said that the stronger gusts were over 60 mph!

I took a drive down to City Pier to see how things were looking the day after the winds hit. With the exception of the outhouse on City Pier, everything else looked normal. The view of Canandiagua Lake off the end of City Pier was blocked by the lightly falling snow which was headed up the lake towards Canandaigua.

Our January thaw in the Finger Lakes is over and old man winter is coming back on stage for his next act!

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