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Waiting For the Days to Grow Longer

January in the Finger Lakes is a tough month; there is no way around it. The rush and glitter of the holiday season is over and now we are left with a lot of cloudy cold days which seem far too short to accomplish much. I have to prod myself to get going and when I finally do get going, its time for dinner!

I’ve always been a procrastinator of sorts. Sometimes it works to your advantage to put things off for another day. But then there are also times when I wished that I had finished that job which I know had to be done. I have to wonder about the rather large boat which tied up along the docks at Seager Marina in Canandaigua in the fall. At first I thought that it was there only temporarily, but after all of the pleasure boats were safely pulled from the water, this one boat still remained. Now it is locked in the ice surrounding the docks and I don’t see any bubblers around the boat to keep the ice away.

Down along East Lake Road, I spotted another speed boat still parked high in its hoist. You have to wonder if the owner has forgotten about his boat or if he is really way ahead of the rest of us and he is planning on being the first boater in the lake come spring? I’d say that both of these owners are serious procrastinators and they will probably be faced with some nasty repair bills when spring finally arrives.

Even the geese along the north end of Canandaigua Lake don’t seem to be in a hurry to fly south to warmer weather. The lake water is still unfrozen but the grain fields surrounding the Finger Lakes are covered with heavy snow so finding some food may finally motivate them to take flight. Well it’s January and one just doesn’t want to rush into anything!

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