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The Day Before New Year

Twas the day before New Year and all along the lakes

Not a creature was stirring, just tons of new snow flakes!

Not a single boat could be seen in the bitter cold

And one wonders – had they all been sold?

My eyes filled with tears at the marina station,

Where were the birds, the boats, or the folks on vacation?

But there all stored like caterpillars in a wrapped cocoon,

The boats were waiting for spring to come soon!

As I looked down the hill and along the lake

No sound did the cottages make.

The pines were all bent in the new fallen snow

And the scene along the lake looked so peaceful and serene

Could it be just a long winter’s dream?

Happy New Year – James R. Bupp

2 thoughts on “The Day Before New Year”

    1. Thank you Lee. Snow was just another one of those fun things that happened when you and I were a kid! Do you know that I actually saw three or four children playing outside in the snow today? It’s sort of rare to see the children playing outside. I almost stopped to take a picture. Happy New Year!

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