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A Christmas Celebration For Children of All Ages

As Christmas approaches, many people head to the mall to do their Christmas shopping. But not me as I usually head in the opposite direction just to get away from the crowds. Why would I want to breathe the same air that all of those inside shoppers have breathed over and over again?

The little village of Skaneateles has honed and perfected their Christmas celebration that lasts for most of the month of December. They have been doing the Dickens Christmas (click here) for 19 years now and each year it just gets better and better. The celebration mostly occurs outdoors in the crisp cold fresh air surrounding Skaneateles Lake where young and old can join in the fun of celebrating winter, doing some Christmas shopping at the their lovely little stores, and perhaps raising a glass or two with friends at the old Sherwood Inn (click here) just to warm up your insides and put yourself in a holiday mood.

There’s plenty to do and to see with more than 50 town folks taking up the role of some of Dickens most famous characters. I was fortunate enough to have seen and photographed the most famous of them all – Father Christmas! All of the characters lend themselves to the festive surroundings and if you have a little imagination, you can really lose yourself in the magic of a Dickens Christmas.

Remember to dress warmly as Skaneateles winters never promise to hold any punches. And that especially goes for the little kids. But if you like to be outside and to sing Christmas carols with the choir at the Skaneateles Gazebo, then this winter Christmas celebration is one for children of all ages!

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Celebration For Children of All Ages”

  1. Hello James, I find your blog very interesting. There is so much to see and do in Skaneateles and in the fingerlakes. Will you give permission to include a picture you took of the Gazebo in Skaneatele in a brochure that is being designed for the Presbyterian Manor in Skaneateles. We will credit you “Used with permission – James Bupp, Ph.D. – – Finger Lakes Living” below the picture. The Presbyterian Manor is a non-denominational residence for independent older adults similar to a boarding house in the heart of Skaneateles. Located just 2 doors from the famous Krebs restauraunt. We are trying to fill vacancies in the house and hope to get better exposure with our new brochure and an internet website. I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you, Margie Sutton, Board Member of the Presbyterian Manor “The Manor”
    My day job is at West Lake Conservators

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