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Small Town Holiday Decorations in the Finger Lakes

According to an article that I recently read on Yahoo! Finance, the most popular travel destination during the holidays is Disneyland, Florida. But for most of us who live in the Finger Lakes, there is still plenty to do and see during the holiday season right here where we live.

Folks in the Finger Lakes start celebrating the holiday season even before the last of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are gone. Upstate New York folks often give a special twist to the holiday season. It’s a kind of Upstate humor which says, “OK, the season is coming, but I am going to decorate in my own way!” I like the old Chevy truck parked next to Connie’s Dinner in Waterloo. The truck is there all year long, but during the Holiday Season, the back of the truck is filled with “presents” and a Santa.

There is a store in Seneca Falls which sells products exclusively made by women. I thought that this kind of thing fell by the wayside a long time ago but considering that Seneca Falls is the birthplace of women’s rights, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

And then there’s the store which has a lighted picture of Charley Brown, asking “Let it snow?” (Most folks who live in Upstate New York tolerate the winters, but don’t wish for snow.) A more conventional and very beautiful store window is the one at Blossoms by Cosentino.

Snow or no snow, it’s cold and windy in Seneca Falls and my favorite store is just across the street where a nice steaming bowl of chili and a cup of hot coffee awaits!

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