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“And These Few Precious Days”….

I can’t help but think about “September Song” (click here), written by Bryan Ferry and set to music by Kurt Weill, when we have a few beautiful sunny days, even if it is the middle of November. Jeanette and I headed to Hammondsport, NY, America’s coolest small town, for lunch at the Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor. That cup of chili sure hit the spot along with a toasted cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich. Jeanette had a white hot dog and a chocolate malted milk shake. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Hammondsport, NY is almost deserted. Gone are all of the summer vacationers. Gone are the lifeguards and the swimmers at Deport Park. But the memories of that September day two months ago when they flew the replica of Glenn H. Curtiss’s Model E flying boat will always be with us.

We checked out the Keuka Maid and noted that she has been put on a diet. The entire roof line of this old popular tourist boat is now gone and her insides gutted out and hauled away. We were told she is down from 200 tons to about 120 tons in weight. The restoration decision will depend in part upon the results of a Federal Marine inspection of the bottom steel of the boat. This inspection hasn’t occurred yet. It’s fun to speculate on how the Fields Construction Company will lift her up so that the Federal Marine inspectors can inspect the bottom steel. I will keep you informed on all of the progress.

The hills around Keuka Lake are all prepared for the coming winter months. The grape vines are dormant until the warm spring sun awakens them and the leaves have all fallen from the trees. Rest, you beautiful objects of our delight until spring, but for these few precious days, I’ll spend with you!

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