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Skaneateles Honors Our Fallen Veterans

It was a cold dreary Sunday afternoon when we arrived at Skaneateles, NY. But there in Cleft Park, just across the road from the Sherwood Inn, stood hundreds of American flags. What a beautiful sight on such a dreary afternoon as the flags stood proudly waving in the cold November wind.

All along the walk toward the Gazebo, there stood rows and rows of American flags. And as I took that walk along the sidewalk, I noticed that there were names attached to each flag. It was the name of the fallen soldier and the family who sponsored the flag.

The idea of honoring our fallen veterans with a flag tribute was sponsored by the Skaneateles girl’s lacrosse team. It was a beautiful idea and a moving tribute. I began to read the names on each flag – fallen men or women in service of our country – and the whole scene took on a different meaning. It was like I was in a cemetery only the tombstones were waving proudly in the wind.

I walked back through the park among all of the flags. It was cold and I began to shiver. But then my thoughts turned to the miserable conditions that these men and women must have endured in their time of service, and suddenly I forgot about being cold. On Veterans Day, November 11, 1212, offer a prayer and a salute to all of our fallen war heroes!

2 thoughts on “Skaneateles Honors Our Fallen Veterans”

    1. Mary, the whole scene at Skaneateles was totally unexpected. I have seen flags displayed along Seneca Lake near Geneva, but this was the first time that I have walked among such a large display of United States flags. It’s worth the trip.

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