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Winter Is On Its Way!

It’s been an unsettled and dreary week starting with a visit from Hurricane Sandy on Monday and then lots of rain and overcast skies the rest of the week. Fortunately, Hurricane Sandy caused little damage in the Finger Lakes although there were some very high winds and nasty waves all along the Ontario Lake shore just to our north. I managed to venture out on the first day of November to take a few pictures and I concluded that more cold winds and dreary skies are on their way to the Finger Lakes. There are a lot of flocks of migrating geese to be seen. They like to travel just ahead of a storm – who wouldn’t when you can enjoy a good tail wind! The annual migration has just begun in large numbers of geese and will continue even after the water begins to freeze in the Finger Lakes.

The Canandaigua Lady, a replica stern wheel steam boat, has been moved from behind Steamboat Landing to its winter location along the City Pier in Canandaigua. I do enjoy watching the boat pass our home on summer evenings around 7:15 pm, but I don’t think that they enjoyed a very good season as I saw only a few folks going for the ride on many of the summer evenings.

The scramble to pull the boats out of the water and get them ready for winter storage is winding down. There are very few boats still moored behind Seager Marine and this weekend we are forecast-ed to have some seriously cold temperatures. Even the sea gulls were hunkered down in the blowing wind. Flying will have to be put off for a better day.

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