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Unwanted Guests in the Finger Lakes

This has been a good summer for our Rose of Sharon bushes. They have been full of flowers but with the flowers came the bees which live on the flower’s pollen. Last summer I noted that the bees were entering a rather large crack between the bricks and the aluminum siding on my porch. I sprayed the usual sprays that you buy at Lowes and then promised myself that I would close the gap with caulk next year. Well, next year is here and so are the bees!

I woke up on Monday morning and went into my home office and noticed that the window which faces to the east was full of bees – and they weren’t honey bees, they were yellow jackets!  As I passed through the door, I noticed a hole in the drywall and that the bees were coming through the hole. I tried to get my brain to function but it was slow as I hadn’t even had my coffee. I finally came up with some masking tape and put a couple of layers over the hole. My next step was the bring up my shop vacuum from the basement and vacuum up the bees.

The next step was to call the exterminator – in my case it was Canandaigua Pest Control at 585 – 429 – 5630. And that’s how I meet Phil. He looked over the situation and put on his bee suit before going to work. In a matter of an hour, all of the of bees in my attic were dead. Some of the bees were still outside of the nest and Phil put up some really sticky “fly paper” to take care of the bees returning to their nest. You can bet that my Saturday’s job will be to caulk the large crack where the bees entered the house!

In a sort of twisted way, humans are a bit strange. We love flowers near our homes but don’t like the bees which live on the flowers and are necessary for fruit trees and vegetables to produce. We enjoy the birds but cut down the trees which block our view and then wonder why there are no birds around the house. But, sometimes things can get out of control and you have to call Big Bad Phil.

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