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Enjoying the Outdoors Along Cayuga Lake

Mother Nature is starting to hint that the summer of 2012 is coming to an end in the Finger Lakes. The blistering temperatures of July that we were having are being replaced with some rainy August days and cooler nights. But there is still time to take advantage of summer’s temperatures and meet with your friends for some food and good conversation around the Finger Lakes.

We drove to Ithaca, NY which is located on the southern end of Cayuga Lake for a casual late lunch with our boating friends at Kelly’s Dock-Side Café which sits alongside the inlet to Cayuga Lake. Kelly’s is a kind of laid back place where one can enjoy a beer and a sandwich along the inlet while being served outdoors. Many years ago we used to come to the Old Port Harbor Restaurant from Binghamton on Sunday’s. The Old Port Harbor Restaurant was located just across the inlet from Kelly’s but has been closed for quite a few years now.

We did see some kayaks on the inlet but no boaters. The pleasure boating industry seems to be down this summer all around the Finger Lakes due to our stalled economy. As soon a I got up from the table to take a picture, about a half dozen ducks came swimming towards me for a handout. Good economic times or bad economic times, these birds know how pan handle!

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Outdoors Along Cayuga Lake”

    1. Mary,

      The better place to eat is the Boatyard Grill which is just a little further out on the point. It’s trendy, busy, and modern. That being said, Kelly’s Dockside Cafe reminds me of past visits to Ithaca and the inlet area. And sometimes that’s all I want.

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