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Mojo for a Man’s Soul in Skaneateles, NY

It seems like whenever we take a drive over to Skaneateles, NY there is something new or different to see. This last Sunday was no exception. Even though we were a week early for the Annual Skaneateles Antique & Classic Boat Show (coming this weekend on July 27, 28, and 29), we were still able to see a few antique boats.

As I walked out on the pier, I spotted the Mojo from Glen Haven, NY. This beautiful speedboat brought back a flood of memories of when I was growing up in Ohio. While in high school, we used to go to an amusement park at Chippewa Lake near Medina, Ohio. It was one of the old style forties and fifties amusement parks complete with a wooden roller coaster, dance hall, and all kinds of amusement rides in a park like setting around Chippewa Lake. Mostly we would just walk around and take in the sights. If we had a little money, we might take a ride on the roller coaster. But if it was a special occasion, there was a beautiful Chris Craft speed boat which would take up to 6 passengers for a ride on Chippewa Lake. I’ll never forget that boat with its gleaming red mahogany deck, American flag, and the biggest and shiniest chrome siren which proudly announced that the speed boat was on the lake and you had better get out of the way! Sadly, the Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in Ohio is long gone.

I hung around on the pier until the owner came back as I wanted to hear the sound of that engine, if only just for old time’s sake. He started the motor and that beautiful throbbing sound of the engine came out of those twin exhausts. Slowly he pulled into the deeper water, pointed the nose south, and then opened the throttle. The Mojo soon disappeared into the summer haze.

There were some other antique wood boats to see which were parked in the boat houses at the edge of the lake: the Knock on Wood from Skaneateles, NY, and the Wood Not were patiently waiting for their owners.

Near the Gazebo, the Mail boat was about ready to disembark on its run around Skaneateles Lake. It’s really worth your time to take a ride on this old antique wooden boat as it drops off mail to homes and summer camps that are located around Skaneateles Lake which do not have a permanent year around mailing address. A perfect way to see Skaneateles Lake!

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