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The Fish Are Delicious at Doug’s

Part of what makes Skaneateles so special is that the town has been able to morph itself into a modern one block city without losing any of its Upstate New York village charm. Doug’s Fish Fry is located just half a block from the only traffic light in town. Come to think about it, almost all of the stores, shops, and restaurants are located only half a block from the only traffic light in town!

I don’t know when Doug opened his store in Skaneateles, but we did speak to one of the men who take the orders and he has worked at Doug’s for 30 years and loves his job. It’s a no frills kind of place but there is usually a line which forms out on the sidewalk. Don’t expect to be waited on as you carry your food to a vacant table when your name is called. The fish dinners are delicious and you can feed yourself and your guest for under $25 and want for nothing more! A visit to Doug’s Fish Fry is worth the trip to Skaneateles. My wife and I can attest to that and so can the gentlemen we met from Rochester who came to Skaneateles just for a meal at Doug’s.

It was a beautiful evening and we walked the half block to the lake. Several boats were tied up along the city pier and there were people just strolling along the pier taking in the sights around Skaneateles Lake. I took a picture of a couple holding hands on the Gazebo and I learned a few minutes later that he has just proposed marriage to her. What a perfect spot with Skaneateles Lake in the background!

I took a picture of the backside of the buildings as we walked back to our car. The buildings are well cared for and even the “alley side” of the buildings looks attractive. If you crave a fish dinner and the charm of an Upstate NY village, visit  Doug’s in Skaneateles, NY.

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