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What’s So Special About Skaneateles, NY?

Considering that the little village of Skaneateles, NY is located in the middle of nowhere in Upstate, NY one has to ask the question, “what is so special about Skaneateles? Is it the size of the village (population 2,450 in 2010) which was incorporated way back in 1833? Or is it the Sherwood Inn which had its beginnings in 1807 or the restaurants and the shops that are located along Genesee Street? Probably all of the above as the little Upstate NY village was humming with visitors for Mother’s Day.

Perhaps it’s the crystal clear waters of Skaneateles Lake which serve as the water supply for Syracuse? The clarity of the water is truly amazing as it makes the Judge Ben Wiles tourist boat seem as if it is suspended in some kind of crystal clear polyurethane coating! The boat is all ready for the up and coming summer season of cruises, and this year’s tours begin on May 18th (click here).

Maybe it’s the gazebo in Clift Park which invites you to sit and rest a bit in the shade while taking in the panoramic view of Skaneateles Lake, the estates along the shoreline, the activities in the park, and the sound of the martins’ song as they chatter to each other from their bird penthouse near the gazebo.

But most likely Skaneateles is just the right place where one can take a reprieve from their cares, fluff up their feathers a bit, and just rest up for the coming week!

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  1. I was born and lived in Syracuse for many years and always found myself in Marcellus and Skaneateles for sketching and lunch at the Sherwood Inn. I have an old sketch I did of the almost gone building that stretched out into the lake across from Sherwood Inn and near a pier where boats picked up people. Could you please tell me the name of that building and what was made there? Thank you, Esther Rumaner

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