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Sampling Spring At Penn Yan, NY

Spring is now flirting with us as she changes back and forth from her winter garb into her finest spring colored outfits. And when she decides to put on her brightest face, who are we to let a day go by without taking advantage of the show?

I can remember when the tasting room at the Keuka Spring Vineyards winery used to be in the old white barn just a few hundred feet from the present entrance (click here). But now the winery is up on the side of the hill and although I am partial to old barns, the view from the new location is certainly worth the drive up the long winding driveway.

Can there be anything better than to sample spring? I have to admit that I like the contrast that the yellow dandelions bring against the backdrop of the green grass and the blue of Keuka Lake and the sky, even though I spend hours trying to kill all of the dandelions in my yard! The grape vines are just now beginning to show a little green growth as they anticipate more sunny days and warmer temperatures.

We leave the hill and drive down the long lane to the road below, only wanting to sample more of spring. Our next stop is at the McGregor Vineyard (click here) which is on top of the hill just across from the middle of the “Y” of Keuka Lake. Here too the view and the wines are both excellent. But our sampling of spring must come to an end as our guests have a long drive back to Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “Sampling Spring At Penn Yan, NY”

  1. Jim. Great photos as always of Keuka Lake – I need to start stopping more at the wineries to both take in the views ans sample the goods. Then I will truly enjoy The Chair On The Lake 🙂

    1. Mary, some people take their out of town guests to a movie; others to the theater or to dinner. We take our out of town guests to the wineries and let them pick out the wine of their choice. The fare is always different and the scenery changes with the season! I thought of you when I took the picture of the chairs along Van Cleef Lake in Seneca Falls last week. Those two chairs sure looked inviting!

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