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A Beautiful Spring Evening in Canandaigua

It’s good to be back in the Finger Lakes. And just in time to still enjoy a beautiful spring evening. The Canandaigua Lady is ready for summer duty behind Steamboat Landing. She’s a far cry from the time when steamboats ruled Canandaigua Lake but still a pleasant reminder of an era when people and goods traveled at 10 miles per hour and there was time to enjoy the beauty of a spring evening even after a long day of hard work.

As I walked along the northern shores of Canandaigua Lake, I noted a couple of ladies playing a bagpipe duet. Their music drowned out the noise of the traffic along Lakeshore Drive and as they piped away, the sun slowly floated over the bathhouse at Kershaw Park.

The Outlet to Canandaigua Lake was quiet save for a lone fisherman who was trying his late evening luck. The weather here has been dry and there is very little water running out of Canandaigua Lake. In fact, Shortsville’s White Water Derby has been cancelled for the 28th of April due to too little water in the outlet which flows through Shortsville, NY.

There were quite a few people enjoying the evening and as I returned to my truck, I photographed a couple who were sitting on the edge of the dock, watching the sun go down. I think the scene captured my thoughts of another beautiful  day in the Finger Lakes and my hopes for a bright sunny tomorrow.

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