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The Magic of Spring in Florida

Southern springs are certainly different than northern springs. We have had two weeks of sunny skies with temperatures in the low to mid 80’s. The humidity has been low and  the weather has been just as picture perfect as anyone could desire. At the end of a side street where we have been staying in Auburndale, Fl., there is a beautiful garden. We have been enjoying all of the flowers in this garden which is automatically sprinkled with water each morning.

I couldn’t begin to name all of the different kinds of flowers in this garden but I did recognize a hibiscus flower on one side of the garden. There is a beautiful glass ball hanging in the garden and I couldn’t help but take a picture looking into the “blue crystal ball”. I showed up in the picture, regardless of which angle that I took the picture!

Harvesting of the oranges is underway and we passed many tractor trailers carrying the oranges to the juice factories. While we missed out on the strawberry festival at Plant City (it was earlier in February), we stopped at the Auburndale flea market over the weekend and bought some strawberries from Plant City as well as a pineapple, and some mangoes. The fresh produce itself is worth the trip to Florida.

We watch to see what the weather is like back in the Finger Lakes, and as usual, spring has its ups and down there. But here in central Florida, spring has been very lovely and consistent in temperature.

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