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Maybe Tomorrow or the Next Day

As in most of the country, spring has arrived early in Canandaigua, NY. We have had some beautiful days this week and it’s time to start cleaning up the flower beds and the yard. There are leaves and sticks which need to be picked up from last winter’s wind and shrubs that need to be pruned. And if you are like me, the remains of last summer’s garden still remain in the garden! The oil in the lawn mower should be changed and the blades sharpened in anticipation of the start of the mowing season.

So why is it that when a 70 degree day comes along, we find ourselves ambition-less and weak as a puppy? I would rather be down on the City Pier taking a walk, or perhaps trying to catch a fish, or feeding the birds.

Mother Nature has done her part and the sun is now back in the northern hemisphere. The earth is beginning to warm up to the point where the buds are now starting to swell and the grass is beginning to turn green. Now it’s up to us to get moving and help take care of this earth.

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