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Lunch at the Sherwood Inn

There’s something magic about the little village of Skaneateles. It has a charm all of its own which has been carefully preserved for hundreds of years. The beautifully kept homes in the village, some which were perhaps built in the late eighteen hundreds, take you back to an era when folks took the time to share a drink or two and perhaps swap a few hunting or fishing stories at the Sherwood Inn around a crackling wood fire.

We have a lot of wonderful memories of Skaneateles and when we invited our neighbors for lunch at the Sherwood Inn (click here), we couldn’t believe that they have never taken the time to stop for a visit. The view of Skaneateles Lake from the Sherwood Inn is spectacular any time of the year, but for me, it’s best when the snow is on the ground and the winds are biting cold outside. It’s then when the wood fire at the Sherwood is most comforting and a nice glass of red wine warms your insides. This winter has been different and the snow and ice are already gone.

After lunch we took a little stroll to look into the windows of the shops. The air was still very cool and not many folks were outside – just a jogger and a lady who was taking her dog for a walk. One always has to stop at the windows of the various real estate companies to see what property is for sale and to perhaps dream a little about what it would be like to live in Skaneateles.

Soon the seasonal people will return to the Lake, and the boats will reappear. It’s a quiet time now, but still a nice time for a visit.

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