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In Search of the Perfect Hot Dog

Occasionally my wife likes to go downtown in Canandaigua and buy a hot dog from the street vendor who sells hog dogs along Main Street. He’s there year around in all kinds of weather. After reading the ad on website for The Bull’s Run restaurant in Seneca Falls, I thought that it would be a good place to take Jeanette for a hot dog lunch. They sell all kinds of “dressed up” hot dogs at the Bull’s Run and the restaurant is located right along Harbor Park in Seneca Falls. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the entire ad. We discovered that the restaurant was closed until 4:00 pm.

We walked back up the stairs to Falls Street and started to look for another restaurant. The temperatures were in the forty’s but the wind coming down Fall Street seemed unusually cold. We crossed the almost deserted street and came upon Parker’s Grill and Tap House. Since it was very close to noon, we soon discovered where all of the people in Seneca Falls were – at Parker’s having lunch! We ate our lunch there and came away impressed with the food, the service, and the hustle and bustle of the staff. We surely will come back again.

We stopped at Van Clef Lake to see the newly dedicated Suffrage Park Pavilion. There is a large rock which bears the inscription “In recognition to film makers Ken Burns and Paul Barns, the community of Seneca Falls dedicates Suffrage Park in tribute to the film, “Not for Ourselves Alone” for bringing national focus to the birthplace of Women’s Rights”… All around Seneca Falls, new signs have been planted in preparation for the coming months when visitors will be making their rounds of the town discovering for themselves the rich history that is Seneca Falls. We definitely will be back, if nothing more than for a beer and a hot dog along Harbor Park!

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