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Thoughts of Spring

The bright morning sunshine is like a shot of adrenaline to my spirit and it gives me a great morning pick-me-up. Our temperatures are headed to 39 degrees today as I walk down to the pond. There’s still a skim of ice left on the pond but soon that will be gone.

The amaryllis plant in our living room keeps sending up a couple of blooms every once in a while for the last month. My enthusiasm for gardening is beginning to awaken and soon I will be sending in my order for seeds and supplies.

Deep Run Park along Canandaigua Lake is almost deserted except for perhaps a couple of dozen of Canadian geese. At this time of the year, I can’t be sure if they are headed north for spring or if they just hung around Canandaigua all winter. Construction of a new lakefront home which began in January is coming along nicely. Winter this year was never cold enough to halt home construction in the Finger Lakes, although there were many days in January when I was glad that I didn’t have to work out in the cold blowing wind.

The willows along Deep Run Outlet are starting to show some color which is a sure sign of spring. The Boathouse at Thendara’s and the main lodge/restaurant have been closed for at least three years and I miss that place. Today, people of wealth want to own their own place on the Finger Lakes and not stay in some lodge.

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