McGregor Winery to Host Robbie Burns Day

Saturday, January 28th from Noon to 5 pm, visit McGregors for their annual ROBBIE BURNS DAY CELEBRATION.

And of course Haggis is on the menu ! So if you are craving traditional Scottish dishes, this is the place to be Sat.

Mc Gregors contact info: 5503 Dutch Street Dundee, NY 14837-9746

(607) 292-3999

Don’t be surprised that this Scottish named winery would be celebrating Robbie Burns Day, there is quite a large contingent of Scotts in the area as evidenced in Dundee every year, where you can find the quite sizeable Scottish Festival.

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  1. jrBupp

    Thank you Mary. I really like McGregors’ wines. It’s a fun place to visit and the view….well you know!

  2. lakefrontmary

    Yes a wonderful view and some award winning wines as well…

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