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Winter Fun in the Finger Lakes

It was the calm after the storm. That good feeling which comes after you’ve finished clearing off the driveway for the third time and knowing that you can go to the grocery store if you really wanted to go. We’ve had our first storm of the winter here in the Finger Lakes and behind the storm came a high pressure area which cleared the sky of its grey and allowed the sun to shine thru again. And with the sun and cold came that “it’s great to be alive feeling” and a wanting to be outside to enjoy some winter fun in the Finger Lakes.

The owners of the Bristol Mountain Ski Resort were happy. The skies had cleared and the customers couldn’t wait to try out that new snowboard or the pair of skis which they found under the Christmas tree. The single digit temperatures were ideal for making more snow and for grooming the slopes.

I just enjoyed the quietness of the Canandaigua Lake Overlook. Ice was beginning to form on the southern end of the lake as the stillness and peacefulness of the Arctic cold settled into the valley. The deep blue color of the lake sharply contrasted with the beautiful white of the newly fallen snow.

The trees were covered with snow and glistened in the morning sun. Deer tracks could be seen everywhere. All around the lake, it was as if the trees, animals, and frozen streams were all tucked in for their long winters rest.

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