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Decorating for Christmas

This morning’s weather has changed as we have a light dusting of snow on the ground. Just enough snow for me as it has already melted off of the driveway so I don’t need to shovel! Fortunately, we had a beautiful day yesterday and I was able to get out and take some pictures of the Christmas decorations around Canandaigua.

Everyone has their own idea on how to decorate for Christmas. And even within a family, you will find a lot of mixed ideas and feelings as to how one should decorate for Christmas. My wife Jeanette likes to decorate with those things which she has saved over the years as they are a reminder to her of Christmas’s past. When I think of Christmas, I want a real Christmas tree as that is what we had when I was growing up on the farm. So, Jeanette decorates the inside of our home with her decorations and I buy a cut tree and put it on our front porch for all to see. I decorate the tree with colored lights because that is how we decorated our tree a long long time ago. And you won’t see any flashing lights or waving Santa’s on my lawn!

I enjoy looking at all of the Christmas decorations. And I especially enjoyed looking at all of the outdoor decorations on the old stately homes on Gibson Street and Howell Street in Canandiagua. They too tell a story about the people who live in those homes. The decorations on the outside are understated and represent the period in which the homes were built. And through the windows, one can see Christmas trees set up inside to be enjoyed by both passersby and by the family living there.

So take the time to decorate your home this Christmas, but do it in a style that pleases you.

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