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It’s a Great Day for the Gulls in Canandaigua

With temperatures in the mid 50’s and a good stiff breeze blowing from the SSW, the sea gulls were lined up along the rocks near the city pier. They were using the winds to help them sail almost motionless near the water and then they would dip down onto the water to pick up some bit of food. I do not know what was holding their interest. They are scavengers and will eat almost anything including worms and bugs.

Not much was stirring on City Pier. The boat houses are now idle and all of the boats have been taken out of the water and shrink wrapped for the anticipated coming of winter.

There were very few humans around as I suspect that most of them were either doing some Christmas shopping or perhaps watching a football game at home. Christmas is only three weeks away you know.

Didn’t I just put my suitcase away from our Thanksgiving trip? We seem to be in such a rush to celebrate Retail Christmas. My mail box is overflowing with catalogs that advertise “free shipping” on orders over $50 or “take $20 off on orders over $100.” I wish that I had a 5 dollar bill for all of the catalogs that have come to my house this year. The crush of Retail Christmas has caused the United States Post Office to throw in the towel and announce that come spring of next year, they will be slowing down the flow of first class mail. You know, why don’t they start saving some money right away and just slow down the flow of all those catalogs, and then I would have something to read in January? And, I wouldn’t mind a bit if they slowed down the flow of my December’s bills which arrive by first class mail till perhaps late January or maybe February. I could use a break!

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