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All Buttoned Up for the Winter

It was cool and mostly overcast Sunday morning in Canandaigua. I took a walk along the outlet of Canandaigua Lake near Steamboat Landing. There was a rather stiff breeze coming off Canandaigua Lake and it bent the tall grass that is planted along the outlet walkway.

Dozens of geese were resting near the willow trees planted along the outlet, trying to soak up a little morning sun to warm up their flying muscles. Suddenly, they took to wing and rapidly climbed into the wind either in search of something to eat for the day or to continue their journey south.

Kershaw Park was almost deserted. I wished that I had brought my hooded sweatshirt as it was cool walking along the lake. The only traffic on the lake was a couple of jet-skiers playing in the waves which were stirred up by the southern wind.

Down at the City Pier, almost all of the boat slips were empty. A few boats remained in their slips, straining against their ropes in the morning breeze. The Canandaigua Lady sat along City Pier all buttoned up for the coming winter months. Soon she will be covered with a blanket of snow which will be her winter wrap till the warm breezes of spring return.

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