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Final Call for Leaf Peepers in the Finger Lakes

Mother Nature’s spectacular autumn show is in full swing in the Finger Lakes, but don’t expect it to last very long. And if one of those beautiful sunny days happens to come along, drop whatever you have planned for the day and go see the show.

Pictures are the only way to try to describe the scene. It’s as if Mother Nature took all of the colors that are on her pallet and just cast them afield into the woods and hills that surround the Finger Lakes. It’s her way of cleaning up after summer to prepare the trees, fields, and streams for the coming months of winter.

The animals need to have a supply of food for the winter, so all of the nut trees are letting go of their “seeds”, some of which will become the next generation of trees. And as the leaves begin to fall to the ground, they will be used as insulation in the winter homes of the squirrels and animals that live in the forests. Most of the leaves will be recycled by the worms and bugs that live on the ground, turning them into a rich fertilizer which will replenish the soil for next year’s new growth.

It’s a show that happens only once a year and its final call time for leaf peepers in the Finger Lakes.

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