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Summer’s Flowers Are Fading Fast

I’ll have to admit that the flowers which I planted this summer are past and all that is left for me is to clean up the garden and to get it ready for winter. But down at the New York Wine & Culinary Center (click here) in Canandaigua, their well manicured gardens in the back of the building are still nice to look at.

I really like rose bushes. Those at the Culinary Center are still looking good in the early morning October Sun. My Grandmother had a rose bush that has survived ever since I was a child. After she passed, no one took care of that rose bush, but yet it somehow managed to keep on blooming every summer, smelling sweet and looking good. I don’t know if the ones at the Culinary Center have any smell to them or not. Many of today’s hybrid roses have no smell – they just look like a rose but have no fragrance. But Grandmother’s rose bush had the sweetest smell. The flowers were a lovely pink in color.

The New York Wine & Culinary Center is a nice place to visit and to take out of town guests to sample some New York wines or to perhaps take a cooking class. It’s what I would call an “overview of the region.” But the best way to sample the Finger Lakes and the region is to take a wine tour and actually experience the sights, smells, and scenes that are unique to this area. It does take some time – plan on spending a day with lunch at in the middle of your tour. You will experience some fond memories that won’t fade like summer’s flowers!

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