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Autumn Fun in the Finger Lakes

Just as September’s days dwindle down to zero, it’s time to get busy with the fall decorations around your home. In the Finger Lakes region, folks spend a lot of time decorating the inside and outside of their homes in preparation for Halloween. A particularly nice place to stop and enjoy some local produce and to take the kids outside for some fresh air is the PickNPatch (click here) located near the little village of Flint, NY on routes 5&20.

It’s a nice place for the smaller children to enjoy as there are pumpkin children to see, a train ride, and a big bouncing “pillow” for them burn up some of their pent up energy.  And if mom or dad isn’t too tired, you can pull the little ones around in a wagon while they do some shopping for that “perfect pumpkin!”

For the older children and the more adventuresome, there is an eight acre corn maize which features more than two miles of twists, turns, and dead ends.

There are all kinds of pumpkins for sale and some refreshments too. The PickNPatch is a great way for the family to spend an afternoon together outdoors, enjoying the sun and the fresh air before the cold winds begin to blow.

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