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Signs of Fall in the Finger Lakes

You can now see fall coming to the trees and to the fields. The goldenrod is in full bloom and a few plants of azure blue are starting to make their yearly appearance. How could this have happened so rapidly? It was only a few weeks ago that we were sweltering in the hot summer sun. Now, the morning sun lingers before rising, waiting for the children to awaken and to get dressed for school before making its appearance. No longer are we awakened by its bright light on our bedroom walls, instead, we too linger in our beds, waiting on the sun to return before rising.

No sense to rush into any lawn or garden work as everything is all covered with dew and it will take three or four hours before it’s time to even think about cutting the grass or working in the garden. As the sun slowly rises in the sky, the day finally gets under way.

After the third cup of coffee, I start to think about packing a sandwich and enjoying it along the lake as all of the holiday celebrators have long departed. The lake is calm and clear in early afternoon sun with only a few boats passing by. The lawn and garden can wait. I’m not budging from this spot.

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