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A Tinge of Fall Is in the Air

With the arrival of September, I have been noticing the subtle changes in the tree leaves and the bloom of the wild flowers in the fields as fall approaches. The tractor trailer loads of freshly picked grapes have begun to make their daily appearance along route 364 on their way to the Constellation Brands Winery in Canandaigua.

Just down the road, Karen and Boud Kuenen, owners of the Wilhelmus Estate Winery (click here) are getting ready for the fall press of their grapes. Their Frontenac grapes along route 364 have done really well this year with many berries on the stem but perhaps a bit smaller than last year due to this summer’s drought. They even have some of their Frontenac grapes for sale if you are interested in making your own wine.

Boud brought in a sample of last year’s Noiret for us to taste. It has a nice nose and great taste but still needs to rest a bit before it’s ready to bottle. Their bottled Noiret has proved to be a crowd pleaser this year as it’s full of spice, nice and peppery, excellent color, exceptional bouquet, and exquisite taste.

With all of the wineries in the Finger Lakes, fall is a special time to take a mini-vacation and tour around the Finger Lakes to sample the excellent wines that are produced in this area.

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