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Skaneateles, Gem of the Finger Lakes

We arrived in Skaneateles just as the tour boat Judge Ben Wiles (click here) approached the docks with a load of happy tourists who had taken a ride on Skaneateles Lake. It was a beautiful day and just the right temperature for a boat ride. The park in the village of Skaneateles provides some cooling shade from the summer sun and also a place to take a cooling dip in the clear water of Skaneateles Lake.

On this afternoon, the park was very busy with summer tourists who like us who came to watch all of the activities along the lake and to have lunch in Skaneateles. As we ate our lunch at the Sherwood Inn (click here), another bus pulled up along the curb and its travelers headed for the tour boat.

I walked out on the pier to take a closer look at the lake. One can easily see to the bottom as the water is crystal clear. For the local people, there are boat houses to store your boat right along the pier. The backside of all of the shops and businesses along main street makes for an interesting and colorful picture as one might be surprised to see such a sight in upstate New York. Fortunate are those who have apartments above the shops with balconies overlooking the lake.

I can just imagine myself having morning coffee on one of those balconies or perhaps ending another perfect day in the Finger Lakes with a glass of red wine just as the sun goes down over the lake!

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