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His Wife Says I Have to Go!

Why did it have to come to this? I’ve been faithful ever since he bought me in Tarpon Springs, Florida seven years ago. Sure, I was much better looking back then. He loved the way that I fit just out of the box. It was definitely “love at first sight!” I was ventilated and cool, and we spent many happy vacation days in Florida. You did take good care of me and didn’t use me to play tennis or run on the hot Florida asphalt. We just walked every where together as a pair.

Every year I went to Florida with him and we had a lot of fun, walking the Sponge Docks and looking at all of the tourists in Tarpon Springs. Each year we would take a little boat ride out to the Tarpon Springs Light House in the Gulf of Mexico and I would come along for the ride.

But with each passing year she seemed to become more and more jealous. “You aren’t going to wear those things again?” she would say to him. And each year he would tuck me into his suitcase and we would return to the place where we first met. There was nothing in that shoe store which could ever take my place!

But now things have changed. I admit that I don’t look as good as I used to look and my arches have fallen a bit and my soles are beginning to separate from all of the lawn mowing that he had me do these past two summers. If only he would just put me in the washing machine I might look a little better! But no, now he says that I must go too! I’ll miss all of the sun and fun that we had together. And I do hope that he will find something else which will feel just right on his feet.

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