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A Porch is an Image of Those Who Live Inside

Besides all of the old formal porches on Gibson Street in Canandaigua, I love to look at the porches of the old order Mennonites who live in the Gorham and Penn Yan areas.

The women who live in these houses love flowers and make a very bold statement of their joy and faith in the Almighty who sends the sun and the rain by planting beautiful flowers around their homes. And in the record heat and drought that we have been experiencing in the Finger Lakes this summer, these flowers take constant daily care.

The porches of the old order Mennonites are quite extensive with some extending across the front of the house while other porches wrap around two or three sides of the house. But, I do have to say that these hard working people take almost none of their time to sit on the porch and I very rarely see anyone using the porches other than perhaps the children.

There is another kind of home that I photographed in Manchester, NY. It too has a lovely front porch that faces the street and flowers that are planted all along the sidewalk which leads to the front door. But this is not the kind of home where you want to stop and stay for a visit. It is a funeral home! It’s kind of ironic that in life or in death, we choose to be surrounded by flowers!

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