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Summer Rendezvous at Wilhelmus Estate Winery

A “must stop and visit” at the Wilhelmus Estate Winery (click here) is always on our agenda when family and friends come to our house. This year Karen and Boud have had the outside of the Wilhelmus home and tasting room repainted a cream color and then trimmed in a wine red color. The old porch beside the tasting room looks cool and inviting with all of the summer flowers planted there.

Boud has introduced several new wines for the 2011 season: Melange; 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Merlot in a classic Bordeaux style and Beri Blue; 6% residual sugar which makes it a sweeter wine with the essence of blue berries in each sip. It’s a favorite of those who prefer a sweeter wine.

One of the visitors from Cleveland, Ohio sampled my favorite Wilhelmus wine, Chambourcin and pronounced it different but pleasant. Susan, Jeanette’s daughter, just couldn’t wait to try one of Karen’s newest ladies blouses which proudly proclaim “Well Red” on the front and since she is an avid book club member from Venetia, Pa., she will undoubtedly enjoy wearing her new blouse at the next book club meeting as well as sharing a bottle or two of Wilhemus’s wine with club members.

Summer is great time for a rendezvous at Wilhelmus Estate Winery.

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