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One, if by Land, and two, if by Sea

Well, maybe Sarah Palin didn’t have it quite right, but we waited and waited on our friends whom we were to meet at Wolffys Grill (click here) and Marina near Seneca Falls, NY.  They were coming by car from Ithaca and we were to meet them at 6:00 pm for dinner on the deck. Our waiter was quite pleasant as the evening was rain free and clear and the deck at Wolffys allows you to see more than a 180 degree panoramic view of Cayuga Lake. Our waiter informed us that our friends had to stop and refuel the boat and would soon be here.

And sure enough, a rather large boat came closer to the docks and I could see that it was our friends who keep their boat at Treman State Marine Park   (click here) on the other end of Cayuga Lake near Ithaca. They had decided to take the boat since they were already out on the lake in the afternoon. The boat ride was a little more than two hours.

It was a wonderful evening to just be outside and to enjoy the whole Finger Lakes scene. Dinner at Wolffys was better than I had expected and our waiter went out of his way to please. We were also entertained with some live dinner music as we dined overlooking the water.

We consider ourselves fortunate as we can choose to dine on any one of the twelve Finger Lakes in the summer. Canandaigua is a little more than one hour from Wolffys by automobile and a little more than two hours by boat from Ithaca. And so, Paul Revere’s cry of  “one, if by land, and two, if by sea” does seem to apply!

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