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Life as a Nomad in the Finger Lakes

I am sure that I am not the only person who on occasion becomes disgusted with life’s daily grind and just wants to get away from it all and roam around like a nomad. Tired of people calling and asking for money, tired of looking out your window at the same scene each day, tired of saying “yes sir” to your boss each day? Become a nomad and migrate from place to place, having no fixed home.

I discovered a group of Nomads living nearby at the Gorham United Methodist Church in Gorham, NY. These groups of people are members of the United Methodist Church and spend part of their time traveling from church to church, helping to remodel, repair, and repaint United Methodist Churches. They donate their own time and resources traveling to their work and only ask for hookups to their RV’s and for the materials that they use in rebuilding the churches.

By using their own resources and the talents which have been given to them, the Nomads are able to enjoy the freedom of being able to travel around the country while at the same time giving back some of their talents to the church. Most likely, these Nomads are full time RV’ers who move with the sun as the seasons change.

And when you stop and think about it, being a Nomad may be just the job that you have been looking for!

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