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The Power of a Raindrop in the Finger Lakes

April was our wettest month on record and May wasn’t very far behind in the precipitation department. I kept putting off planting my garden because it was always raining and the ground was much too cool. But was soon as I did plant my seeds, Mother Nature threw the switch and the weather turned dry!

In the last two days we have received about two inches of much needed rain. And with the end of a brief shower last evening, we were treated to a beautiful rainbow. It seemed as if the end of the rainbow was just up the road and I wanted to run and see if I could find that pot of gold! The other end of the rainbow was off in the distance. Rainbows (click here) are caused by the dispersion of light inside the droplets of water. The light is refracted as it enters into the water droplet and also as it exits from the water droplet after it reflects off the back surface of the water droplet. No need to get too technical as it was truly a beautiful sight which unfortunately lasts for just a couple of minutes.

Everything seems to be happy this morning. My garden is happy as the tomato plants have plenty of water and the seeds which I planted will soon sprout in the moist ground. The birds are singing a chorus using their best notes as they know that finding a place to take a bath and a couple of worms and some bugs for breakfast will be easy today. All of this joy and happiness from the power of a small rain drop!

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