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Return of the Summer People

The summer solstice has officially arrived and the “summer people” are just beginning to return to shores of Canandaigua Lake. Who are these mysterious people? Where have they been since we last saw them on Labor Day weekend? Are they returning from wintering in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Daytona Beach, Jupiter Beach, or West Palm Beach where they go to wrinkle in the southern sun? Or are they migrating down from the north in search of some new clothes to replace their recently discarded parkas and winter boots? Or do they come just to purchase a couple of cases of Finger Lakes wines to celebrate the return of summer?

For most people, the dream of owning a small summer cottage on one of the Finger Lakes has come and gone. The cottages along the Finger Lakes are now being replaced by all year around homes which serve not only as a vacation spot but as a permanent residence. Of course, there are still those who can afford more than one home, but most of the summer people come as vacationers who rent a cottage along the Finger Lakes. The schedules of the summer people are dictated by their local school’s schedule and they come for perhaps a week or two to enjoy the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes.

We chose the Finger Lakes as our retirement spot because we enjoy the change of seasons and can find fun, beauty, peace, and serenity all year around in the Finger Lakes. But for the summer people, now is your time. Welcome back!

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